Without Sex

I will pretty much read any book. I will always finish a book (except Moby Dick – that book conquered me, i tried very hard). However, if a book has a lot of sex in it, then i won’t be interested in reading it. I don’t mind if there is references to sex, after all sexual desire is a feeling people experience so it is just one among many a character might feel. However i don’t want to read entire sex scenes. I don’t want to know the tiny, intimate details of what their private parts looked and felt like. The allusion to the fact that they have sex, i think is enough. It’s like in a movie when they start kissing and then they fall onto the bed. And then the scene ends. You know what they do, but you don’t have to watch it to know that. Watching it makes me feel like i am sharing an intimate experience with someone who is not my husband, and i don’t like that.

There are many people who want to read that in a book. That’s their deal. My deal is not to. And a great book can have no sex in it. So my aim is to find great authors and great books WITHOUT SEX. I believe it is possible.


13 thoughts on “Without Sex

  1. I just found your blog and I know this is coming like two years after the fact, but I just wanted to let you know that I completely agree with you! I appreciate that you’ll be reviewing books without sex and I’ll definitely be stopping by from time to time for recommendations. Thank you!

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