Dream On

You know when you’re a kid and you’re asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Well, my answers changed a lot (as it does). One of my first memories was wanting to own my own bakery and only i would cook all the cakes and goodies. I was pretty optimistic! Thinking back on it now, i’m pretty sure the reasoning behind wanted to have my own bakery was because our local bakery had just closed down. And they had the best cheese sticks. My Mum would always buy me one when we went shopping. I’ve never found one as good as they used to make since. I must have figured if i owned a bakery i could make and eat them all the time (if you don’t know what a cheese stick is, it is basically a twist of puff pastry about 20cm long, covered in melted cheese – delicious especially when warm).

It was drilled into me that i should do something that i loved. My interests and hobbies have changed over the years, some making comebacks, however my love for reading has never waned. What i could i be that would involve books? I thought, well i could be a writer! Well i tried to write a book. I never finished it (this was when i was a child) because i had the whole story in my head but i couldn’t be bothered to flesh it out. Basically i was good for a synopsis but that was it. Since then my best friend and i attempted to write a book together, however it’s still a work in progress that probably won’t ever get finished. So that idea kind of died. Besides, i realised i loved reading a story, not necessarily writing one. I love to write but not like that. So what’s a job where you get to read books? An editor? A professional book reviewer? How does one become either of them? Well first of all you need credentials. No one is going to pay you for your opinion if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe a university degree to start? I’d love to know.

I think getting paid to do something that you love is one of the greatest gifts. You shouldn’t take it for granted. I’m not unhappy in my job at the moment. I don’t love it though. You know the main reason i don’t? The customers. That sounds bizarre because a general store and post office needs customers to actually survive, but I’m an introvert. My dream job is where no one talks to me. That would be bliss. I don’t mind communication through email, but just working on my own, no interruptions, no small talk. I’d probably become a hermit though and never want to talk to anyone again (maybe my husband if he’s lucky ;)) Maybe that’s why a book editor or a professional book reviewer appeals to me. Not only do i get to do one my favourite things, read, but i get to work by myself a lot. Maybe not so much as an editor (i think someone needs to enlighten me on what the job is actually like – i have this fantasy that all you do is read a manuscripts and edit them).

If you’re an editor or professional book reviewer, iId love to hear from you. I would love some advice on what it’s like, what you had to do to get where you are today etc.

Here’s a picture of a cheese stick (unfortunately not as good as the ones from my childhood):

Source: King Of Cakes


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