Where The Heart Is by Annie Groves

Where The Heart Is by Annie GrovesBlurb

The country is going forward together – but will the Campions?

Three years into the war and the country is facing its darkest days. Victory has never seemed so far away. The changes that war has brought are affecting everyone, not least the Campion family.

Eldest son Luke is fighting on the African Front. Emily is harbouring romantic thoughts about Wilhelm, the German POW. Bella still pines for her forbidden love. The war effort has steered twins Lou and Sasha on different paths, but has it driven a wedge between them?

The Campions, along with the rest of the nation, must face their fears and endure their darkest hour. All of their tomorrows depend on it.

My Perspective

This is the twelfth and last (finally!) book i chose to read from my post Third Lot – And It’s A Lot

Where The Heart is follows the Campion family three years into WWII and how it is affecting each one of them including cousin Bella, ex-billetee Katie, aunt Francine, Con and Emily.

Although it was a bit soppy in places, I really enjoyed reading this book. It was interesting and well written and the many storylines of each person kept you on your toes. As I’ve mentioned before, I really like books with multiple main characters.

I liked most of the characters except I was annoyed at both Luke and Sasha for their attitudes – especially Sasha. She seemed like a selfish brat.

There were many love stories throughout, which at times I found myself rolling my eyes at. The way the men were portrayed was a bit…I’m not sure how to describe it. Over the top? Overall though it wasn’t too bad.

Overall I enjoyed the book and would definitely recommend it to those who like romance and/or historical fiction.

NOTE: I didn’t realise that this book was the fourth in a series so it probably would have been better to start at the beginning! However I still enjoyed it and wasn’t really confused by anything so I suppose you could read it as a stand alone book.


Third Lot – And It’s A Lot

Stack Of Books 5

I received another stack of books from the lady in And Then There Were Two… and Second Lot

I was down to my last two borrowed books, hoping to start making a dent in the other stack of books i have, ones that i own. However it looks like i will again have two major stacks of books to read again. Plus the 100+ eBooks i have on my Kobo, the books i am reviewing for authors, and the list of books i don’t actually have a copy of but want to read. Sigh. I think that if i never did anything but read books for the rest of my life, i still wouldn’t be able to read all the books that i want to. I just have to remember to break it up and read both the books from the borrowed stack and the books that i’ve bought otherwise i will find myself in the same situation i was in with Upside Down Inside Out by Monica McInerney.

As before, i researched them all by either reading reviews of each book on Amazon or skimming through if there were no reviews to go by. Three books didn’t make it, Scandals by Penny Jordan, The Defiant Hero by Suzanne Brockmann (both because of sexual content) and The Trophy Taker by Lee Weeks (due to graphic content).

Now to relax and remind myself i love reading, that it is a pleasure and not a chore. It’s not a race to try and get through every book i want to read – it’s an adventure.