And…I didn’t Quite Make It Again!

In 2016, i again attempted the Goodreads Reading Challenge. My goal was only 12 books, which works out at a book a month. I really, really thought i could achieve it this time and i was quite disappointed that i didn’t reach my goal and only managed to read 10 of the 12 books by the end of the year! However with an active toddler to look after, unfortunately there is not a lot of time for reading.

I have decided to attempt the challenge again this year, and have given myself the same goal of 12 books. I think i can achieve this as Kel and i have started a new year’s resolution of no screen time before bed and reading instead. Hopefully this year i will achieve my goal for once!

I’d love to be your friend on Goodreads so add me if you haven’t already 🙂


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