WordPress notified me the other day of my fourth anniversary with them. This in turn reminded me that it had been at least two months since I’d last blogged – far too long. Plus every day my unread email notifications of new blog posts of those I follow kept increasing, and increasing. I never truly caught up after our trip overseas and last count I was almost up to 5000 emails. Up until a few Saturdays ago, I still wanted to read them all. And then when I actually had some free time to sit down and start reading some, I found my heart wasn’t in it like it previously was. Was it because the task seemed too overwhelming to actually accomplish? Possibly. Or was it because when I started blogging I was in a vastly different stage of life than I am now? Most definitely.

These kind of after baby posts are quite common. Either the blogger continues blogging as usual or you never hear from them again. Or they have their “moving on” last post. I’d like to believe that this is different. I definitely would still like to blog however maintaining a weekly commitment is too much at the moment – not so much getting a post up but reading a darn book every week so I can review it! And having the luxury to read each and every one of the blog posts of all those that I follow – well I barely have time to do the washing!

Plus my son will only be this little once. I want to enjoy him to the fullest so yes, blogging is less important to me than him and with working part time, I want to spend the time I have with him, with him.

What does this mean? I will still blog because I enjoy it however it will be sporadic. I’m okay with this and I don’t expect to gain many followers blogging like that but that’s not the point! I’ve connected with so many people through this blog and I’ve had the opportunity to expand my reading horizons and the pleasure to read and review others books. It’s been most rewarding and I believe it will continue to be so!

For those who I follow, you will hear from me now and again! I will look at my “Reader” instead when I get the chance and will actually enjoy it rather than it being a chore that I have to get through – which it started to become.

So here’s to 2016!


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