A Death Divided by Clare Francis

A Death Divided by Clare FrancisBlurb

Joe, struggling to survive his job in a high-powered law firm, is faced with the challenge of finding his childhood friend Jenna, who has been missing for four years. But has she disappeared through choice? Or is she under the powerful influence of her husband, the restless, troubled Chetwood?

For Joe, the search is a matter of duty, but also of conscience – for he introduced them to each other, he was enthralled by them both…

Helped by his prickly girlfriend, Sarah, Joe manages to find the beautiful, faded Jenna, only to realise too late that he has set some terrible events in motion…

My Perspective

This is the eleventh book i chose to read from my post Third Lot – And It’s A Lot

A Death Divided follows Joe and his renewed search for his childhood best friend, Jenna, having been approached by her parents after four years to try again. However does Jenna want to be found?

This book was interesting and had my curiosity piqued throughout. I wouldn’t say I couldn’t put it down however I definitely looked forward to when I could next pick it up.

Joe was extremely likeable however I felt that when it came to Jenna, he had a bit of a blind spot. I didn’t like Jenna at all. I thought she was a bit of a spoilt brat before the accident and a martyr afterwards. I really liked Sarah despite everything. Chetwood was a mystery to me – I don’t know whether I liked him or not.

Although the book kept me interested, I did find that the pace was quite slow and that there was a lot of content for not that much story. However I don’t think that’s a fault necessarily as I wasn’t bored throughout and I wanted to keep reading.

The mystery was well written and it had me fooled right until the very end.

Overall I enjoyed the book and would recommend it those who like a slower paced mystery.


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