Kiss The Girls by James Patterson

Kiss The Girls by James PattersonBlurb

Alex Cross is about to be thrust into a case he will never forget. This time there isn’t just one killer, there are two. One collects beautiful, intelligent women on college campuses on the east coast of the USA. The other is terrorising Los Angeles with a series of unspeakable murders. But the truly chilling news is that the two brilliant and elusive killers are communicating, cooperating, competing.

My Perspective

This is the tenth book i chose to read from my post Third Lot – And It’s A Lot

Kiss The Girls follows detective Alex Cross as he tries to track down Casanova, a psychopath killer who is abducting beautiful college students including Alex’s niece, Naomi. However in his search he discovers that Casanova is in cahoots with another psychopath killer on the other side of America, The Gentleman Caller. Will Alex be able to bring them both down and before his niece is killed?

I’d never read a James Patterson novel before and was curious to see what his book was like because he’s so well known. I was also curious because my Dad and Step-Mum really like his novels and I’ve been buying them for their birthday and Christmas presents for as long as I can remember.

The premise of the story was pretty gruesome and to be honest, not really my cup of tea. It was however, very well written and the gore factor was kept to the minimum considering the heinous acts that were committed.

I quite enjoyed his writing style and as most chapters are fairly short, your interest is always kept. The action was well paced and I have to say that I thought I had it figured out but was completely wrong so it definitely wasn’t predictable.

I really liked Alex, especially the relationship he had with his children. I wasn’t sure what I thought of Kate. I couldn’t really relate to her so I found it hard to really be rooting for her.

There was some sexual content however it wasn’t explicit – it was in the context of rape though so if that bothers you then you might not cope with this book.

Overall I can’t really say that I enjoyed this book because the story line was quite disturbing however it was definitely a well written novel that kept my interest throughout. I would recommend it to those who don’t mind a mystery/thriller/crime fiction with a bit of a gruesome plot.


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