Outcast Child by Kitty Neale

Outcast Child by Kitty NealeBlurb

It’s the 1950s, in South London, and when Daisy loses her mother, she retreats into a world of silence. To make matters worse, her once-happy home soon becomes a prison when her father remarries. It is only Daisy’s cousin, the naive and vulnerable Lizzie, who brings a little sunshine back into Daisy’s life.

Then things begin to change when Daisy’s father discovers a shocking secret about his new wife – and Daisy finds unexpected happiness in a way she could never have anticipated . . .

My Perspective

This is the first book i chose to read from my post Third Lot – And It’s A Lot

Outcast Child is about Daisy, a young teenage girl who has just lost her mother. Her father remarries soon after and she finds herself being treated from bad to worse by her new stepmother. Only a stay in the country with her aunt and Down Syndrome cousin Daisy, brings her out of her shell. However when she is summoned back home, will she have the courage to stand up for herself or will the situation continue to spiral out of control until she has nothing left?

This story was actually quite depressing.

I don’t know if I liked Daisy but I felt mighty sorry for her. Vera was a hard one because she couldn’t like her for what she was doing except that you knew the exact reasons why she was doing it.

The story was well written and flowed well however like I said, it was depressing and seemed to be just one disaster after another. It wasn’t a very uplifting book. The plot was interesting and it did keep me turning the pages though, wanting to find out how everything turns out.

I think I would recommend this book if you like drama. Definitely not a lighthearted book.


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