Killer Smile by Lisa Scottoline

Killer Smile by Lisa ScottolineBlurb

A World War II suicide in an internment camp has ominous links to an on-going murder case . . .

Attorney Mary DiNunzio gets a terrifying telephone call while she’s working late, then she finds a shadow lurking at her front door. When a lawyer very close to her turns up dead, Mary begins to suspect that there is a sinister connection with the case she’s been working on . . .

Add to that the fact that everybody around Mary has decided she’s not allowed to be a Young Widow anymore, and they’re fixing her up with blind dates from hell. When a killer comes after her, it’s more than any girl can handle – but Mary isn’t just any girl . . .

My Perspective

This is the last book i read from my post Second Lot

Killer Smile is about Mary, an Italian lawyer who works for Rosato & Associates. She is working pro bono on a case involving a deceased estate however the further she digs, the more the mystery deepens. Soon her involvement becomes unpopular and she starts getting followed and threatened.

I’m in two minds about this book. It had some clear strong and clear weak points.

I mostly liked Mary’s character however there were times when she really did frustrate me. She was very stubborn and one track minded.

I really enjoyed the Italian influence in this story. It added something extra and obviously the talk of food made my mouth water.

The book wasn’t very fast paced. It had some heart stopping moments throughout however the suspense was built slowly.

There was a lot of mystery throughout and it kept me guessing. I did find though that the book was way too long. At the halfway point I felt like it should have been the end. There were some great highlights throughout however there seemed to be a lot of content and it dragged. It might have worked if the story had another main character to break it up a bit however I found it too much the way it was.

Overall it was an enjoyable mystery and I would recommend it however not if you’re looking for a quick, suspenseful, can’t turn the pages quick enough, read.


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