No More Lies by Susan Squires

No More Lies by Susan SquiresBlurb

Dr. Holland Banks is head of the Century Psychiatric Hospital and president of the Schizophrenia Research Foundation . . . but is she going insane? The rest of the world seems to be. There’s a sniper on the loose, she’s being stalked, her father is conducting deadly experiments, and she’s begun to hear voices: other people’s thoughts. But a man was just admitted to her hospital—one who searched her out, whose touch can make her voices subside. Is he crazy, too, or a solution to her fears? A labyrinth of conspiracy is rising around her, and Holland’s life is about to change forever. Very soon there will be . . . No More Lies

My Perspective

This is the fourth book i chose to read from my post Second Lot

I only made it half way through No More Lies as I was confronted with quite a sex scene so chose not to continue. I will however admit that I was kind of relieved. Why? Well the book, quite frankly, was a little bit boring. Most people would put a book down if it they aren’t finding it interesting however I like to read the whole book before I decide what I think (unless there is sex or too much gore involved). So if there was no sexual content in this book then I would have read it to the end and who knows, it might have been worth it.

However I won’t know, and I don’t care all that much either.

I don’t like to review too much of a book I haven’t completed however i thought it was probably best to tell you why I thought it was a bit boring.

The story felt like there was a lot happening all the time however no one seemed to be really going anywhere. There was also a lot of scientific jargon that I found hard to follow. It was also very unrealistic. Not so much the concept or plot, you can think of that what you will, more how she got away acting like that at her place of work. Also the fact that they had to be constantly touching? I mean, COME ON. Also to be honest the book didn’t make me want to work out the mystery. I wasn’t turning the pages as fast as I could so I would know what the major twist was. It didn’t grab me.

Anyway I don’t want to slide into being mean so I will stop there however I hope the story improved however really it shouldn’t have to improve, it should be good from the start.

If anyone’s read the entire story, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Even if they contradict. I’m not against different opinions (unless you’re mean about it or just blatantly wrong).


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