Gone Without Trace by C.J. Carver

Gone Without Trace by C.J. CarverBlurb

Human traffic makes no sound . . .

Jay McCaulay receives an unwelcome reminder of her army past when she runs into an old adversary – notorious Mafioso and human trafficker Milot Dumani. She follows him but events take a sinister turn.

Soon Jay is pursuing Dumani back to his homeland. But her mission becomes personal with the disappearance of a young Eastern European girl whose life she once saved. Thrown into the sex trade, Jay is forced to confront a trail of murder, corruption and evil that leads back into the heart of the UK…

My Perspective

This is the last book i read from my post And Then There Were Two…

Gone Without Trace is about Jay, ex army who now works for TRACE, an aid agency that reunites families in war torn Eastern Europe. However soon she is embroiled in much more when she follows a known mafia boss involved in trafficking young girls.

The story was well written and captivating. I read it in about a day and it kept me turning the pages. It was quite gruesome in some parts, however considering it involves the sex trade of trafficking young girls, it is probably expected.

I liked Jay, although she and I are very different so I didn’t connect with her per se. I was a little bit annoyed at Zamira because to me it was so obvious as it’s so common however i appreciated that she wanted to better her circumstances and that was the only way she knew how. I really liked both Tom and Max so I understood why it was difficult for Jay.

Overall I enjoyed the story and i would definitely recommend it to those who like a fast paced, thriller style book.


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