Ranger’s Apprentice 8: The Kings of Clonmel by John Flanagan

Ranger's Apprentice 8: The Kings of Clonmel by John FlanaganBlurb

Will is at the annual Ranger Gathering but Halt is investigating mysterious happenings in the west. When he does finally return, it’s with bad news. Hibernia is in turmoil. A false religious cult calling themselves the Outsiders are sowing confusion and sedition, and five of the six Hibernian kingdoms have been undermined. Now the sixth, Clonmel, is in danger. Halt, Will and Horace set out to restore order. Can the secrets of Halt’s past help them in their mission?

One Ranger can stop a riot, but this time two Rangers may not be enough . . .

My Perspective

The Kings of Clonmel jumps ahead again and is set after the sixth book, The Siege of Macindaw. Will, Halt and Horace are sent to Hibernia to help prevent a cult, the Outsiders, from taking over the country and turning their attention to invading Araluen.

Having just read Erak’s Ransom, I had to get my head around the timelines and remember what had happened in The Siege of Macindaw. The author did a great job helping with this by easing you into the story.

Again the characters were extremely likeable and having been on the journey with them now for eight books, you really feel part of the team.

You learn a bit about Halt’s past in this book, which I found interesting and clever. In a way I saw it coming however from the past books you wouldn’t have had a clue.

The story was interesting and well written however I did find it probably could have even reduced down slightly. Although the book is resolved, it is also a to be continued.

Again I would definitely recommend this book for children, young adults and even adults if you like fantasy and adventure. However you really need to start at the beginning with the first book, The Ruins of Gorlan.


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