Broken Promise (The Broken Ones) by Jen Wylie

Broken Promise by Jen WylieBlurb

A year of turmoil takes its toll on Arowyn Mason and her companions. After delivering the Elven prince to his homeland, they decide to ride out the winter in the city of Westport before starting their quest to heal the Fey. Like most things in Aro’s life, nothing goes according to plan.

As Kei struggles with the prophecy bound within him, his sanity begins to unravel.  A prophecy and a promise are broken, and forgotten threats resurface with dire consequences. The Dragos is watching and the Were king is displeased with the disregard of Were law. Aro scrambles as yet another threat emerges. The Elves, displeased with their prince, exploit his only weakness…her.

Aro is forced to find a new ally, a cold-hearted, ruthless pirate named Roan. He is more than he seems and Aro must learn who she can trust, or it will cost more than just her life. She has grown stronger, but is it enough to save herself, her family, and the Elf she loves?

My Perspective

I’ve been looking forward to reading Broken Promise since June last year, when I finished reading Broken Prince.

Broken Promise follows Aro, Kei, Bo and Garen as they head to Wesport to see out the winter. Having just dropped Prince back to his homeland, Aro is full of conflicting emotions. However she soon has little time to dwell on them as their expected recuperation over winter becomes hijacked and all of those she loves are threatened.

The book started straight on from where it left off in Broken Prince. I probably should have reread the first two to refresh my memory however you are given small tidbits of recaps to help you remember. I liked that the first part of the book didn’t rehash all that had happened in the previous two books. I find that tiresome and only good for someone who doesn’t know what is going on.

I did find the book a little slow in the beginning. A lot happened however I found that I couldn’t quite connect to the story. About a third of the way in it seemed to fall into place and I was able to connect to the story.

Aro is the same old Aro. She is both endearing and frustrating at the same time. I really liked Roan, however I was a little confused by his actions towards Aro.

The story was well written. While reading it, I did wonder at the necessity of the story and whether it should have only been a three book series as even though it was interesting and I enjoyed it, it felt like a lot of filler however the ending wrapped it up into a neat little package and it all made sense. I was very impressed. The ending is quite abrupt though. It definitely leaves you wanting more!

I did find it a little bit unrealistic and to be honest, annoying, how Aro seems to wind up sleeping with a man all the time (and I actually mean sleeping, not having sex). She’s not really the one who initiates it so I’m not really annoyed at her per se, more that for a sixteen/seventeen year old girl, the amount of men she has shared a bed with is a bit ridiculous (when none are in a sexual manner). Also the fact that Roan sleeps naked. I mean, really? I don’t really understand what the point of having that in the book was?

I did really enjoy reading Broken Promise and I’m looking forward to reading the final book in the series, Broken Kei, however unlike the previous two books, Broken Aro and Broken Prince, this one didn’t leave a mark like they did. I’m not sure if it was me or the book.

Anyway it was an interesting story and it kept me turning the pages and I would definitely recommend reading it however only if you’ve read the first two books in the series, which are fantastic so if you haven’t read them then what are you waiting for?!

This review is based on a digital copy provided by the publisher.


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