Ranger’s Apprentice 2: The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan

Ranger's Apprentice 2: The Burning Bridge by John FlanaganBlurb

As the Kingdom of Araluen prepares for war against Morgarath, Will and Horace accompany the Ranger Gilan on a mission to Celtica. But Celtica’s villages are silent. Only an exhausted and starving girl called Evanlyn can tell them why: Morgarath has sent his foul creatures to enslave the Celts. While Gilan rides swiftly back to report this news to the King, Will, Horace and Evanlyn discover the true purpose behind Morgarath’s actions. The Kingdom is sure to be defeated in a surprise three-sided attack – unless they can find a way to prevent it.

My Perspective

Book two in The Ranger’s Apprentice series sees Will off on an embassy convoy with Gilan and Horace. They have been chosen to visit King Swyddned of Celtica to acquire support for the upcoming war against Morgarath. However when they arrive in Celtica, there is no one to be seen.

Again I found the story to be interesting however predictable. I was a little flummoxed though because some of the plot lines were SO OBVIOUS it was almost ridiculous and then others were a complete mystery and had me guessing. I’m not sure what works better – having it predictable or ridiculously predictable at the same time as being mysterious. Maybe having it not predictable at all 🙂 Anyway aside from that, it was still really interesting and enjoyable to read.

Again the characters really shone through. Will is extremely likeable and you just want to reach into the book and give him a big hug. The other characters were strong and well written and you just can’t help feeling like you’re one of them. I did find Evanlyn slightly annoying however I don’t know if that’s me rather than the book as I don’t tend to gravitate to a lot of female protagonists.

Also just a warning – the book does leave you on a cliffhanger so you might want to have the next book handy!

Again I would definitely recommend this book for children and even adults if you like fantasy and adventure. However you really need to start at the beginning with the first book, The Ruins of Gorlan.

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