Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown

Legally Blonde by Amanda BrownBlurb

Elle Woods, University of Southern California sorority president and sociopolitical jewelry design major, is blonde, spoiled, creative and desperately in love with her college sweetheart, Warner Huntington III. But when Warner announces he’s off to Stanford Law School, and that while there he aims to find a girl ‘more serious’ than Elle to be his wife, Elle and Underdog, her pet Chihuahua, hatch a plan to follow him so that he will marry her like he’s supposed to do.

Elle’s Stanford misadventures are distinctly unpromising from the outset, and it seems that the one place where blondes definitely don’t have more fun is law school. But then she’s made an intern on the Murder of Malibu case, defending one-time fitness queen and apricot blonde Brooke Vandermark from the charge of murdering her billionaire husband. In a courtroom triumph, Elle vindicates Brooke and all who are blonde at heart with a tip any Cosmo girl should know.

My Perspective

Having watched this movie countless times since it first arrived in cinemas, i was pleasantly surprised to see that it was based on a book. I downloaded it onto my Kobo Touch eReader with the Kobo gift voucher that i received last year for my birthday from my Mum and Step-Dad.

The story is about Elle Woods; a beautiful, perfectly manicured blonde who has recently graduated from college. President of her sorority and homecoming queen, life couldn’t be more perfect. Except if she had the Diamond rock on her finger from her boyfriend, Warner Huntington III, of course. However her perfect plans all come crashing down and soon Elle finds herself pursuing her dreams at none other than Stanford Law. Will she prove everyone wrong and be both a stunning blonde as well as a kick-ass lawyer?

When i first started reading it was so hard to not compare the book to the movie because i absolutely LOVE the movie. To be honest, it took me at least the first half to stop comparing it, because well, the book wasn’t actually as good as the movie. I was kind of disappointed. And i am amazed at how much they changed for the movie and how much better it was with those changes.

In terms of grammar, the book was written well but i found that the story was written a little bit all over the place. It wasn’t very consistent and sometimes there was too much description and other times not enough. There was also legal jargon throughout that didn’t have much meaning or place in the story.

The character development wasn’t as good as it could of been, again some things were described in great detail and others overlooked. Also the reader’s relationship with most of the characters was quite shallow and superficial. I found Elle a little bit hard to like because in some ways she really grew and in others not so much.

The plot was really great however the book was a bit slow and to be honest boring to start off with. It wasn’t until the middle that the pace and interest picked up and i found myself wanting to keep turning the pages.

I enjoyed the ending and i also liked how it was resolved however also left open in a non cliff hanger way for there to be a sequel.

Overall it was a light, silly, unbelievable read that you wouldn’t take too seriously. I would probably only recommended it if you’re into reading “fluff”.


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