If Only

A beautiful tribute on the effects of depression. You must listen to the song.

Minuscule Moments of Inspiration

If only I could see

I hope you are happy there? If only I could sit and tell you about all the things you have missed. Introduce you to my children the ones you never met. I would say I’m sorry brother, I did not know you were suffering this much. You mentioned a black cloud that followed you sometimes but I never understood it, until after I lost you.

You are my younger sibling I was supposed to look out for you. I love you and miss you every day, your joking silly ways, that sparkle in your eye. Your passion for sport and your witty mind, your generosity especially to your sisters (Can I borrow your car?). Oh how I wish I knew what you were thinking and feeling . I found out later you said…

“Sometimes even in a crowded room full of  my big  family (eight siblings) I…

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