Broken Ones Book 3 Teaser

I am so excited for book three to come out!!!

Author Jen Wylie's Blog

I posted this over on my author facebook page (If you haven’t liked me there, you really should! Lots of teasers, updates and giveaways!) Anyways, for those who missed it…

A teaser from the start of Book 3. (Please note this is the first draft!) (also the indents don’t seem to want to be pasting in… sorry)

“I don’t know what to do,” she whispered, lowering her eyes.

Kei pulled one hand away and lifted her chin with a finger, forcing her to meet his eyes. “Don’t be sad. He wouldn’t want that. Remember him. Wait for him. If you want,” he added with a mischievous smile.

“Kei!” She mock-glared at him and then sobered. So many worries and doubts circled within her mind it made her head ache. “What if he doesn’t ever come? What if I should have–”

A finger pressed across her lips, abruptly silencing her. “You…

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