I’m A 1950’s Secretary

My Dad has Glaucoma. It’s not so bad that he can’t see anymore, it was detected before that so he just has to use drops to try and slow the damage. As this can be hereditary, his optometrist suggested i should get my eyes tested. So i booked it in.

My Dad asked me to let him know how it went when i had it done and i jokingly said, “I’ll probably be fine for the Glaucoma but then they’ll ask me to read the small letters on the poster at the other end of the room and i won’t be able to see it!” Well, the joke was on me.

I went in and they did all the Glaucoma testing and it was beyond fine. The optometrist suggested i get it regularly checked as it is hereditary but at the moment it was fine and not to worry. And then she asked me to cover my left eye and read the bottom line of the poster at the other end of the room (the smallest letters). Read it perfectly. Next, cover my right eye and read the same again with my left eye. It was a blur. I couldn’t believe it! As i had just read the line, i knew the letters off by heart – but that would be cheating! I admitted i couldn’t see it. So then she did all the lense testing so i could see the bottom line. I couldn’t get over how crisp and clear everything was!

Anyway she told me that it wasn’t crucial for me to have glasses however it probably would be a good idea to get a pair just for when reading, working at the computer or driving and also it would prevent any further damage because my eye wouldn’t be straining.

So next up, picking the frames. Far out there are so many to choose from. And i’m not the kind of person where almost any frame looks good. Most looked passable but those rimless ones! They looked horrible! To look good in them is an achievement. Anyway the shop assistant came over to help me. At first i was like, great, i never ask the shop assistant for help in clothing and shoe shops. However this woman knew her stuff. She picked out a pair of frames that had just come in. I tried them on. They were perfect. And they fitted even more perfectly with my look.

Now, they aren’t true 1950’s style, they are a little more tame however i still think they look great and you can judge for yourself 😉

Laura 02


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