The Hunger Games: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire by Suzanne CollinsBlurb

Katniss Everdeen survived The Hunger Games. Now the Capitol wants revenge.

My Perspective

I obviously wanted to read this straight after i finished The Hunger Games however i was really busy with work, the farm and other chores that i knew if i started i wouldn’t be able to just read a little bit at a time. I worked really hard to try and get everything done so i would have two whole days to read it (even though i knew i only needed half a day but i allowed so much time in case something came up). Alas even ‘the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley’. I didn’t even get half a day, let alone two!

Anyway i couldn’t wait any longer so i just started reading it and tortured myself by having to put it down all the time. I do admit that when i was three quarters of the way through and it was getting late, i kept saying to myself; just a few more chapters and then I’ll go to sleep. Then of course i had almost finished it so i may as well just keep reading to the end.

In the second book, Katniss and Peeta have returned home, having both won The Hunger Games. This is the first time there have been two victors and the events leading to that outcome has not been looked favourably upon by the Capitol. Katniss knows her life, and her family and friends’ lives are in danger because of this. Little does Katniss know what their plans are.

The story obviously follows on from the first book, however it doesn’t pick straight back up from where it left off. I think a few months have passed. However Katniss does reflect on what happens between the end of the first book and where it begins again in the second book so you aren’t left in the dark. I found a lot more of this book was reflecting on what had happened rather than what was actually happening like it did in the first book. I understand that there was a lot more to get through this time around, i just felt that the two books didn’t match each other. The first book was also very unique in it’s presentation however the second book was more mainstream. I admit i was a little disappointed. I am curious to see what the third book is like.

I really enjoyed getting to know all of the new characters. Katniss has definitely matured and grown in the second book, however she did disappoint me at the end. Also i am torn about who she will end up choosing, or if the choice is made for her, and if so, who it will be?

The first book was brutal in its premise however i found the second book to be a lot darker. I also found it had more twists and turns and even though i predicted some outcomes, others i had no idea about. It was definitely interesting and kept me turning the pages.

I definitely thought the first book was better written however i still really enjoyed reading the second book. I would definitely recommend it and even though there was enough recap to know what was going on in the second book, to get the full picture you really need to read the first book. I am looking forward to knowing how everything comes together in the third book!


6 thoughts on “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

  1. You’re not alone in being disappointed with the second book after reading the first.
    Honestly, the first is the only one I really cared for in the trilogy. I’ll give you fair warning that if you were as disappointed with the second one as I was… might not like the third very much either.
    That being said, they’re still spectacular books. Regardless of me kind of disliking 2 and 3…they’re still better than a lot of books out there (in my opinion).
    THAT being said, I loved the second movie more than the first.
    Weird how that works!


    • I have now finished reading the third book (i couldn’t wait too much longer after finishing the second!). I’ll be posting my review tomorrow. It will explain how i felt about it better than i can in a comment!
      The first book was amazing and in one way i wish it was left at just that because the second two books were so emotionally traumatic for me and it’s taking awhile to get over! Apart from that it i think it is a really great series. It has a lot of layers in it though.
      I just saw the second movie. I think i liked them both just as much as the other.


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  3. I think in a series (books or movies) of 3, #2 is ALWAYS sucky. However, overall the series was AMAZING. #3 is going to be hard to put down, you should set aside some time for this one!! I haven’t seen the 2nd movie yet but I’m hearing people either love it or hate it. Kind of like the book. ~Gina


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