Stepping Heavenward by Mrs. E. Prentiss

Stepping Heavenward by Mrs. E. PrentissBlurb

“How dreadfully old I am getting! Sixteen!” writes Katherine in her brand-new journal on January 15, 1831. Her heartfelt words mark the start of your own unforgettable journey following Katherine as her life unfolds from sweet sixteen to her grown-up later years. As she learns that true happiness is found in giving oneself to others, you, too, will be immeasurably encouraged to step heavenward—to live with greater godliness, humility, tranquility, and hope.

My Perspective

This is another book that my Aunt gave to me that I have only just read now. She’s given me quite a few over the years and shamefully I’ve only read one. She’s very into Christian books (fiction and nonfiction), which I myself enjoy too, however the authors that we each enjoy are quite different which is why I think i have put off reading them.

The book is about the life of Katy from when she is sixteen to her death. It is written from her perspective as a journal of her triumphs, struggles and day to day life of following Christ.

The book was written in 1998 however set in the eighteen hundreds. I did find it a bit wordy however it made it more authentic for the time period it was set in – it was however a bit inconsistent and some parts did sound quite modern.

At first I wasn’t too fond of Katy, however I think it was because of her immaturity. As she got older i really enjoyed seeing her growth, however I actually started to find that I related to her a bit too much!

At first the journal entries are quite regular however from about half way to three quarters through there are years between entries. I am in two minds about this as I know when I was younger I had much more time and inclination to journal than I do now and I can imagine having children decreases available time for such things even more so. I don’t know if it was a natural progression of less entries OR if the author realised how much she’d already written and realised the book would be way too long if written that way until she died so skipped large sections of her life. I did feel like I missed out because of it.

The book is unashamedly about submitting yourself to Christ and as a Christian it challenged me a lot despite some of its overly religious sentiments.

Excluding any personal revelation that I received from this book, even though a bit wordy and religious at times, it was interesting and kept me turning the pages. However I do believe that the authors intentions were for you to receive and be challenged, rather than just a nice story.

I would recommend this book, especially for young Christian women.

I also believe that reading it at this point in my life I got a lot more out of it than I would have if I’d read it when I received it. And I don’t think that’s a coincidence.


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