Love Across The World by JJ Alston

Love Across The World by JJ AlstonBlurb

A new family torn apart, and with her physical problems holding her back, what choice did she have left?

In this New Adult romance novel, plus size Candace is imprisoned by her physical ailments, keeping her from saving the father of her unborn child and stopping her sister from making the worst mistake of her life. Their love has been through hell and back, but how much more can their hearts take before the struggle is just too much?

My Perspective

The story follows straight on from Love Across The Land. Candace is struggling being away from Rio especially while expecting their first child. Trying to figure out what happened and how to clear his name, Candace knows that only Tiffany holds the key.

I found the story well written and interesting. I liked how it got straight into the story where it had been left off in Love Across The Land. I also appreciated the small recap of information of where it had left off just to refresh your memory. Obviously someone who hadn’t read the first two books wouldn’t really know what was going on however they should read the first two before reading the third!

There was definite growth in the characters from the previous two books and again the conflicts were challenging and created strong empathy for not only Candace, but her sister Tiffany as well, connecting the reader with the characters. It was definitely a page turner.

I think all the books fit very well together, there wasn’t any disjoint, which can easily occur in a book series.

Overall it was an enjoyable story that was well paced though again i found it a little bit sappy. I would definitely recommend it to those who like romance.

A digital copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


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