Bad Boy by Olivia Goldsmith

Bad Boy by Olivia GoldsmithBlurb

Jon is Mr Perfect – handsome (in a nerdy sort of way), caring, lots of money – so why can’t he get a girlfriend? Even his best friend Tracie always goes for bad boys; because women secretly love BAD. Jon’s getting desperate, but Tracie can help – she can teach him the Bad Boy Rules:

Never be available
Never be predictable
Never tell them where you live . . .
. . . and, most important of all, always carry a motor cycle helmet, even if you haven’t got a bike

A sharp haircut, cool new clothes and a complete attitude transplant later, and Jon’s the man of the moment. He can have any woman he wants, and does!

But now Tracie’s not so happy . . . while her girlfriends are all fighting over the new Jon, she seems to be losing her best friend. And she’s starting to wonder – has she created a monster?

My Perspective

This is the last book by Olivia Goldsmith that i have read that i received from my husband for my birthday last year (see My Favourite Movie).

I have to say that The First Wives Club was by far her best work, and all of her other books including this one fell short.

The story is about Tracie and Jon who have been best friends since college. He’s your stereotypical nice guy nerd who has it all except love. She’s your stereotypical female who falls for the bad boys and is friends with the nice guys. In a desperate attempt to win girls over, Tracie agrees to transform and train Jon to be a bad boy. However after successfully turning him into a ruthless heartthrob, she realises that maybe bad boys aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

The premise of the story was interesting however I don’t think it was pulled off all that well. There were sections that seemed to have no point and sometimes it didn’t seem to flow properly.

I found Tracie extremely hard to like. I understood her issues causing her to be attracted to men that treated her like crap however she just really bugged me. I mostly liked Jon, however as his true self rather than his ‘bad boy’ self. The other characters in the book i liked – Tracie was the only one who I really didn’t connect with.

For most of the book I felt like the author didn’t really know what she was doing, and it really came across. Like someone who looks amazing but they have no self confidence – you see right through them. The book didn’t have a strength that only the author brings, where even if it’s the crappest book ever written it still compels you because the author wrote it with self confidence believing they knew what they were doing. I felt a lack of that, which even though the book wasn’t terribly written I keep doubting myself whether it was or not. I don’t know if anyone can relate to what i just said. Maybe I’m talking out my butt.

I really don’t want to spoil anything but the ending was the worst! I think it’s what tipped the book from being alright to completely lame. It was so cliche and corny however not even in a good way! I don’t mind a sweet, corny ending but this was just dumb. And it was so quick and weirdly written like the author didn’t know how to bring it all together.

Anyway even though it completely rubbed me up the wrong way, it was interesting enough that I kept turning the pages.

Also if you think you might relate to Tracie then you should probably read this book as it might open your eyes a bit to yourself.

Overall I wouldn’t say I disliked this book or thought it was a waste of my time, I just felt it was severely lacking – it had so much potential and could have been something great.


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