The Sweet Poison Quit Plan: How To Kick The Sugar Habit And Lose Weight by David Gillespie

The Sweet Poison Quit Plan: How To Kick The Sugar Habit And Lose Weight by David GillespieBlurb

David Gillespie lost 40 kg when he cut sugar from his diet. In his best-selling book, Sweet Poison, Gillespie explained WHY sugar makes us fat. Now, in The Sweet Poison Quit Plan, he tells us HOW to overcome the sugar addiction and lose weight permanently.

David’s approach is not about counting calories, measuring ingredients or following complex exercise plans. He keeps it plain and simple: eat what you like, when you like, but don’t eat sugar. You’ll learn how to:

  • withdraw from a substance that is as addictive as nicotine or caffeine
  • eliminate long-term lifestyle habits associated with sugar
  • shop for sugar-free products
  • interpret confusing food labelling (there are at least twelve different names for sugar)
  • make a delicious range of sugar-free treats that taste as good as their sugary equivalents, from muesli and sauces to ice-cream and brownies

Based on the latest scientific research, and packed with clear, easy-to-follow advice, The Sweet Poison Quit Plan is one of the most sensible, accessible and sustainable guides to losing weight and improving wellbeing you’re ever likely to read.

My Perspective

A customer of mine lent me this book to read however i only skim read it as i didn’t want to borrow it for too long as there are recipes in the back that she was using. I don’t think that was the best idea as i got the overall picture but there were some things i missed, now having bought it and read it again properly.

The book is basically the follow on from Sweet Poison: Why Sugar Makes Us Fat (which i have not read but am planning to) in that it briefly tells us what sugar is doing to our bodies however it is more detailed on how we can quit sugar for ourselves. You’re probably meant to read the first book first so you get a more detailed idea on what sugar is actually doing to our bodies and then read the second book for a step by step plan on how to quit sugar. Obviously i didn’t do that so my opinions may change slightly on the actual content when i read the first book.

The book was laid out in an easy to read and follow format, written in the conversational style that i love. It was very factual, backed up with studies/research that he has included links to at the end (which i think is very important).

When i first read the book i was already cutting out sugar from my diet because i knew it wasn’t good for me however it was interesting to read what it was actually doing to my body. Basically sugar (sucrose) is made up of one part glucose and one part fructose. Our bodies obviously run on glucose as that is what it converts food into so as long as you’re only eating as much glucose as your body needs, that is fine. However our bodies were not meant to be digesting large amounts of fructose, therefore causing all sorts of problems. I became an instant convert to the anti-fructose movement and either cut out anything containing sugar at all (like BBQ sauce) or making baked goods containing glucose only. As i had already been cutting out sugar (and I’m more of a savoury person than sweet – give me hot chips over cake any day) it wasn’t a huge step for me as it might be for some. Did i lose heaps of weight? No. Did i have lots of weight to lose in the first place? Not really. Was i strict and cut out sugar completely forever? No. My results are therefore void as i didn’t follow “the plan” completely. I also think that from what he said from the amount of sugar he was consuming, cutting out sugar would have definitely made him lose the amount of weight that he did.

Reading the book properly the second time around, other points have come up. I started seeing my naturopath again, who is also an Iridologist, and she raised the point that the glucose i was buying was still processed and how was that affecting my body? That certainly stopped me in my tracks and like anyone who has been devoutly following some kind of regime and spouting its wisdom, when someone questions you and it makes you doubt, you tell yourself that they just don’t know what they’re talking about. I have since accepted that maybe she has a point, and so my husband and i have done some research. I think i am more confused than ever as i know i shouldn’t be consuming fructose but then the glucose available to me, well how do they extract it? You’d probably throw the towel in at this point and say “Well, we’re all doomed so we may as well eat sugar” or never eat fructose or any processed form of glucose again (which pretty much rules out any kind of sweetener).

There were also some things that didn’t sit quite right with me. From what i gathered (and if I’m wrong then that’s fantastic) he doesn’t really believe in exercise (unless you enjoy it). Exercising is not just about losing weight and you need to do it. Why? There are so many reasons. Here’s a good one. The more a man works out, the more testosterone he releases, the more desire he has for sex. Obviously if you’re in a relationship where you’re the woman who pretends she has a headache all the time because you don’t want to have sex you wouldn’t want that (that’s a WHOLE other kettle of fish that makes me angry) however if you’re in a healthy, loving, honouring relationship then that’s a great bonus! However in terms of health wise, you need to exercise to increase your metabolism, give you energy and make you happy. Like in Legally Blonde – “I just don’t think that Brooke could’ve done this. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”

I think the book brings up some great points however (and as he states) there is so much more research that needs to be done. I want to be healthy and i know that sugar (fructose) in anything other than tiny amounts is doing my body damage. I also know that the form of glucose available to me is not the answer either. In the mean time, the best thing i will be doing for my body is cutting out sugar as completely as i can, eating as little processed foods as i can and choosing carefully what foods that do contain fructose, that i want to consume.

Overall i would definitely recommend this book as it makes you think about what sugar is doing to your body and brings up some valid points. I do however believe that you shouldn’t take it on like it’s the bible on sugar. Definitely look up the links he draws his conclusions from, definitely do your own research, however definitely reduce your sugar!

NOTE: Unlike my other reviews, this was not very neutral and very personal.


5 thoughts on “The Sweet Poison Quit Plan: How To Kick The Sugar Habit And Lose Weight by David Gillespie

  1. There has been a huge trend on bagging out sugar lately. The funny thing is we all know it is NOT good for us and yet we still buy processed foods etc. The balance of good and bad will continue to baffle we humans because we love the bad stuff too much! Everything in moderation is my mothers comment, I think I will stick to that one. Thanks for the interesting read Laura enjoyed your take on this.


  2. Sugar is totally my drug. I can’t get enough of it. I do really good for a while, months without it and then BAM I want to eat a 5# bag of it. I’m not sure why that is. I’m going to check out this book, thank you!! ~Gina


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