Family Baggage by Monica McInerney

Family Baggage by Monica McInerneyBlurb

Harriet Turner knows all about journeys. After all, she’s arranged hundreds of them for the travel agency her family runs in the Australian coastal town of Merryn Bay. But when her colleague and foster sister Lara disappears on the eve of a big overseas trip, Harriet finds herself in uncharted territory.

Left alone in England with a coachload of eccentric tourists, Harriet has her hands full. But as the bus trundles through the picturesque Cornwall countryside, the tour becomes another kind of journey for her. She finds herself facing big questions about her family and her childhood, about her feelings for Patrick Shawcross – and the biggest puzzle of all: what has happened to Lara?

My Perspective

It was my birthday on September 4. My husband spoiled me rotten. I had my own private high tea in our garden whilst reading a book in the sun. It was wonderful.

Family Baggage is about the Turners, a family who own and run a travel agency in a small Australian town. A small accident leaves Harriet, the youngest daughter, having to take over a tour to England from her brother James. However when Harriet and her tour group arrive, Lara, Harriet’s foster sister is not there to meet them as planned. Harriet must face up to her demons and guide the group by herself all the while trying to find out where Lara has gone.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It had comedy, romance, mystery and some drama. It was lighthearted without being shallow.

The characters were likable and realistic, although not without their flaws! I struggled a little bit with Molly, however i made silly decisions as a teenager so as a said even though it was at times frustrating, the characters were realistic. The relationships were also really well developed.

The story certainly was a page-turner and even though some parts were probably a tad predictable, the twists kept some of the mystery.

I would definitely recommend this book, especially if you like lighthearted chick lit. I would probably read it again.


4 thoughts on “Family Baggage by Monica McInerney

    • Thanks 🙂 It was very nice and relaxing. When i went back to work, customers asked me if i had been taken out for dinner somewhere special. I was like a) There is no where special to eat around here and b) I am a hermit and that’s not a relaxing birthday for me. Dinner in bed watching a movie is. Lol!


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