Love Across the Land by JJ Alston

Love Across the Land by JJ AlstonBlurb

Everything she ever wanted in love had come true, but no one ever told her it would be easy.

In the sequel to Love Across the Seas, Candace faces the reality that she can be loved, even if she is plus sized. As a whole new world opens for her and her true love, Candace deals with the stigma attached to her as she returns home to her dysfunctional life. Can their hearts remain whole even when they receive life changing news?

My Perspective

The story is the sequel to Love Across the Seas, which was about a young woman, Candace, who is caught up in a long distance relationship through email. In the sequel she becomes happily married to the love of her life and they move from Bali back to her home in the U.S.A. However not everything goes to plan and soon Candace finds herself more alone than she has ever felt in her life. How will she right what has been wronged and still remain loyal to those closest to her?

I found the story interesting and well written. It had enough back-story at the beginning so that someone who hadn’t read the first installment would know what is going on, and for someone who had read the first installment wouldn’t be bored by basically rereading what they already knew. It was also well incorporated to refresh your memory on what had already happened.

The development of the familiar and new characters was well executed, just the right amount of information for the size of the story.

The conflicts were challenging and created strong empathy for Candace, connecting the reader with the main character. And even though it’s frustrating to not know what happens, it ended on a great cliff hanger.

I think i enjoyed the first installment more because it was bit more lighthearted, however i definitely think the second installment was better written. They fit well together. Overall it was an enjoyable story that was well paced though again i found it a little bit sappy. I would definitely recommend it to those who like romance.

A digital copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


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