Chains: The Complete Series – A Saga of Struggle and Love by Jeff Rivera

Chains by Jeff RiveraBlurb

Suffering the loss of her beloved, an African princess begins a new life of isolation and strife. The pain of choosing between a new husband to fill the heir’s throne or to stay loyal to her one true love haunts Kiwana’s aching mind. Before this all began, she had no idea what her life was to become. A series of trials, unfortunate twists, and the corruption of a village influences the path Kiwana falls into. Will her experience with war and love help her in her time of helplessness, or will everything fall apart in a desperate attempt to survive?

My Perspective

Chains is Jeff Rivera’s latest work. As you know, i am a beta reader for him.

The story follows the life of Obi, who’s young life is both blessed and cursed with a fate that he can’t deny. Living with the consequences of Queen Tula’s actions, he is torn between following his visions the Great One has given him and his loyalty to the throne.

The story starts off giving you a taste of what is to come, whetting your appetite about how the story unfolds to that point. I was drawn into the story immediately because of this and it kept me turning the pages throughout. The story was medium paced, interesting and well written.

I didn’t like Queen Tula at first because of what she did but as the story continued and i got to know her a bit i started to empathise with her. I didn’t like Boosa at all however by the end i just felt sorry for him. Obi and Grabbo were extremely likeable. I liked King Tulu even though i didn’t like some of the things he had to do – however i understood he had to do them for the greater good of his kingdom. The only thing i didn’t like was how he couldn’t seem to see the true nature of Boosa.

Also as you know, i don’t like reading sex scenes, of any nature (love or rape) and usually i will stop reading a book if it contains too much. Obviously if i want to be a beta reader, then i had to continue reading (unless it became way too much). I understand that some things might need to be written to convey certain things but i definitely think some of the sexual text was unnecessary or could be worded differently. Especially the extremely detailed sex scene towards the end. I felt it was too much compared to the rest of the book, my reservations about sex scenes aside. As a said, i think the author was trying to convey the bonds of love between the two people, however because of the descriptions of pleasure and such i don’t think it worked. I think you can can convey intense sexual bonds between two people better without actually going into too much physical detail.

Sex scenes aside, i did enjoy the story. I felt the ending left you hanging however i’m not sure if that’s because there is a second installment to come. I am not sure because the story was actually broken into five parts that were originally short novels that have now been joined into one piece. I guess we will see!


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