You might have noticed that i have been a bit quiet lately, not just with my posts but also with commenting on others posts. That’s because I’m on holidays!

Really i should have done an “I’m Going On Holidays So You Might Not Hear From Me” post before i left but i actually didn’t realise my Internet would be so sketchy and that i would actually be able to post and comment. Anyway I’ve managed to scour some Internet so i thought i would do a quick post.

We are staying at a resort in Caloundra, Queensland. Here are some pictures of the view from our apartment:

Caloundra 00

Caloundra 01

Also i thought i would include a beach selfie as i got a perm a couple of months ago and my hair and skin are loving the salt water:

Laura 00

So there you go. Occasionally when we drive out somewhere to a restaurant etc. my phone manages to get some reception so sometimes i can leave a comment however i won’t be properly back in the blogging world for at least a week possibly two.

Hope you’re all well!





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