Young Wives by Olivia Goldsmith

Young Wives by Olivia GoldsmithBlurb

The battle of the sexes hasn’t ended – it’s just moved to suburbia.

Now Olivia Goldsmith returns to the trenches in a new novel as unforgettable as The First Wives Club.

Michelle has a perfect marriage, a perfect house and a perfect life in middle-class Westchester – until she finds out how her husband has been paying for it all.

Her friend Jada has worked too hard to become the first black woman bank manager in their town, as well as a wonderful mother and homemaker, to let her lay-about husband take it all away from her. But can she stop him?

Angie is their lawyer – and she knows exactly what they’re going through. Married just a year ago, she’s been shell-shocked to find out about her wealthy, Ivy League husband’s extra-marital activities. Can she help herself, as well as helping her friends?

Let down by their men and by the law – now all they have is each other. Moving, funny and angry, this is the story of how a friendship formed in adversity helps Michelle, Jada and Angie fight back.

My Perspective

This is the third book by Olivia Goldsmith that i have read that i received from my husband for my birthday (see My Favourite Movie).

The story is about three women who are brought together by their situations, all victims of “men” and the American justice system. Trying to do the right thing by the seemingly right way doesn’t seem to work so together they take matters into their own hands.

I found this book to be quite sexist. It was all women are suffering heroes and men are heartless jackasses. Gender stereotypes drive me up the wall. I understand that gender equality hasn’t always been the case and women had to work hard to achieve their rights. Things have changed though and are continuing to change. By continually spouting these horrible stereotypes, it is in fact reinforcing them. Anyway i won’t get on my high horse right now.

The story was interesting however it just felt like a B-Grade version of The First Wives Club. It wasn’t new and exciting. It didn’t really have twists and turns that kept you guessing, and i sometimes found myself thinking about chores that had to be done while i was reading because it wasn’t grabbing my attention.

I felt a lot of despair for the women and their situations, some parts were quite heartbreaking. I think the constant men slagging stopped me from truly connecting with any of the women in the story though.

There was a sex scene at the beginning of the book but then nothing really after that (there were sexual references however without spoiling it, i don’t really count it in this circumstance). I wouldn’t have kept reading because of the sex scene however because my husband gifted me the book i gave it a second chance.

Overall i feel that saying i enjoyed this book is a little bit of an overstatement. I probably wouldn’t read it again and i’m sorry to say but i feel like the only people who would enjoy this kind of story with all it’s sexism are women who are bitter about men because there wasn’t really anything else to draw you in.


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