0 of 1 People Found The Following Review Helpful

I have recently started uploading my reviews onto Amazon and Goodreads because i use both those sites. I had my first review found ‘unhelpful’ on Amazon. You know, “0 of 1 people found the following review helpful”. To be honest, i feel crushed. You might think it’s not a big deal, however i pride myself on being honest and fair. I’m not mean but i will be honest if there were things that i thought weren’t done very well. It certainly has taken me down a step. I think i’m also upset because every other review that was given on the book praised it without any faults. All of those reviews were found ‘helpful’. The one review (mine) that still praises the book and gave it four stars for goodness sake but actually pointed out some things i found could have been done better, gets the ‘unhelpful’ stamp on it. To me an unhelpful review are ones that say it’s bad without a valid reason.

I can’t imagine what a mean review would do to an author. It’s hard when a book isn’t up to scratch but i hope i’m never mean about it.

Anyway i’m feeling sad so if you have any stories to cheer me up i’d love to hear them.


2 thoughts on “0 of 1 People Found The Following Review Helpful

  1. Seriously…honestly it is not a judgment against your review in any way that matters.I will be honest. I have done over 1200 reviews for Amazon in the last five years and I have some book reviews up there where a hundred people rated my review and over half of them were negative.

    it can be anything from a person who just goes around not helpful clicking reviews just to be a giant arse to the author having a bad day to a person who was looking for something specific about the book and didn’t find it in your review. Just write them, smile when you are done and come hang with me.

    I honestly think the only solution is to accept that the rating system is bloody bullocks.


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