Love Across the Seas by JJ Alston

Love Across the Seas by JJ AlstonBlurb

She always wanted to be loved, but would he still love her if he knew who she really was?

In this New Adult novel, Candace doesn’t believe anyone could ever love her, especially because of her large size. Compared to her flawless sister Tiffany, she’s nothing. But a surprising misunderstanding between Tiffany and a guy she met in Bali leads the man to falling in love with Candace instead, even if it is over email. Can Candace really be loved for who she is? Will the mysterious man in Bali leave if he knows who Candace really is? And will a tragedy separate the love between two young people?

My Perspective

The story is about a young woman, Candace, who is caught up in a long distance relationship through email. It started by accident and she is torn between feeling wanted and knowing that she is not only lying to herself but to the man she loves. Will he accept her for who she really is, or is he only in love with the person he thinks she is?

I really liked the plot of this story, it was interesting and mysterious, the reader not knowing if the story was a romance or a hoax. It was well written and caught my interest from the beginning.

I also really liked Candace’s character and i empathised with her throughout the story; being nervous for her, excited for her, upset for her etc. At first i was wary of Rio’s character however as the story developed i started to trust him more. The Mum and Tiff were great characters too, liking them but also being indignant about their attitudes towards Candace.

Around the point in the story when Rio talks to Candace about God, i started to find it a little sappy. I don’t have a problem with the context at all (i’m a Christian so i shouldn’t!) i just found it didn’t flow as well from then on and how each “conflict” that was resolved seemed a bit too “happily ever after”.

Also i found that the three “conflicts” in the second half of the story seemed to happen one after the other without the story around them being fleshed out enough. I think for the length of it, three conflicts were too much. If it was longer and it was fleshed out more, then the conflicts are fine and would work well in the story. Instead of holding my breath, hoping and anticipating; i didn’t really get the chance to because the conflicts were resolved quite quickly. I would start to feel that way, but then it would be resolved, then another conflict would happen so i would start to hold my breath and then the conflict would be resolved. I never quite got to the point where i was wanting to read as fast as i could because i had to know if everything was going to work out.

The story was good but it didn’t take me that level where i can’t put it down because i have to know what happens. If the conflicts were fleshed out more, or one of them withdrawn so the story isn’t any longer, i think it would go from being just good to great.

I would definitely recommend it to those who like romance.

A digital copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


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