Broken Prince (The Broken Ones) by Jen Wylie

Broken Prince (The Broken Ones) by Jen WylieBlurb

Sometimes, when you’re broken, you can heal on your own. Sometimes, you need the help of your friends, your family, and the people you love. Keeping those pieces together when the world seems intent on ripping you apart is the greatest challenge of all. Especially when the ones you love, the ones who hold you together, start falling apart themselves.

Arowyn and her family continue on their journey to return the Elven Prince, Shael, to his homeland before he fades and dies. A journey full of triumph and horror, love and sorrow, rips them apart with every fighting moment, and yet brings them together as a family. They don’t allow the prophecy to rule their lives. Some don’t believe, some don’t care. Prophecies aren’t written in stone. Events can change. People can change. They are only words. From besieged cites, to the elusive Were and wild Fey, nothing quite prepares them to face their deadliest of enemies, one they didn’t know existed.

My Perspective

This is my second review for WaAr

Broken Prince is the second book in the series of The Broken Ones. I only read the first book in the series, Broken Aro, a couple of days ago. Now I have to wait for the next one to come out because Broken Prince only came out on June 1!

The story continues on from the previous book. Aro and her band of survivors are making the journey to return Prince to his homeland. Along the way they encounter new creatures of magic, some good and some evil, make new friends and even lose one dear to their hearts. The prophecy continues to stalk Aro, her strength growing and her unusual grasp of the magic around them saving her and her friends even when all may seem lost.

The story was much more intense than the first book. I still really enjoyed it however instead of feeling lighthearted and anticipating the next chapter in the saga, I felt quite drained and thoughtful by the end. I’m still really anticipating the next book but i have no clue as to where it is headed next. So many more emotions were experienced, and at one point i was in despair as to how it could turn out that way. I understood that it had to be like that (after all it does make it more realistic) however you really want it to work out! At least there is hope.

My feelings for most of the characters didn’t change in the next installment, however I liked much better the character I wasn’t so fond of in the previous book (as I mentioned in my previous review). The relationship between Aro and said character was much clearer and quelled what I thought might be a possible conflict. And due to the action of one character that I really didn’t like before, I like them now. And then due to the actions of another character, I really didn’t like them after that. However not to spoil it but they did redeem themselves (sorry that was so cryptic but if I say names then I feel it spoils it for a potential reader however I also want to be honest).

I also have to mention that to the best of my knowledge there was no use of the word “Gah” in the second book, which I found much better (again refer to my previous review).

There were a few instances where the book got a little steamy however it never went past heavy kissing.

The story answered so many questions I had from the previous book however now I have a new list twice as long. I feel like the story is just beginning (in a good way). I’m not sure when the next book is coming out but I sure hope I don’t have to wait too long.

Again I would definitely recommend this book to fantasy and adventure lovers. I definitely think it’s best for you to read the first book in the series however if you read this one first you won’t be at too much of a loss as to what’s going on. There is enough back story to give you understanding (and its not too much or too repetitive for someone who has read the first book).

Well done Jen Wylie, i haven’t felt this way about a book for a long, long time. Usually i can pick up another book within a day or so after i’ve processed everything. Not so with this series. It’s taken me days to process the story and i don’t want to pick up another book because it won’t be the third installment!


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