Freak Street: Meet The Aliensons by Knife and Packer

Freak Street: Meet The AliensonsBlurb

The Aliensons are just your average, everyday family…

Yes they come from Valvax-7, a planet far far away.

Yes, they have a one-eyed pet, Zog.

Yes, Arlene Alienson starred on Galaxy Idol. And yes, their robot housekeeper – the Butloid 8000 – is completely out of control! But that’s nothing out of the ordinary, right?

My Perspective

My younger brother (he’s twelve) is enjoying the Freak Street series right now. I’m excited that he is taking an interest in reading as he hasn’t really before. He’s lending me the books he has so far and i have to say that they’re pretty funny.

The series is about a street, Freak Street, and all the families that live on the street including the Aliensons, the Zombiesons, the Wizardsons, the Humansons, the Vampiresons and the Supersons. This book is obviously about the Aliensons.

The series are aimed at 6-8, 9 + (whatever that means) however at 23, i still enjoyed it (probably not as much as my brother).

Each page has a small amount of dialogue with big, bright colourful pictures that capture your attention.

At first i found the story a bit forced however as it went on it started to flow a lot better.

The humour is obviously immature – for example, the Butloid 8000 is also a chef. When he is cooking your meals, he wears his chef hat. On the chef hat is written in small letters, But-Chef. Also some of the humour was a bit tongue in cheek, which i think was what made me laugh. It’s like those children’s television shows/movies that have adult jokes in them that would go straight over a child’s head.

I would definitely be comfortable allowing my older children to read these and i’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series!


2 thoughts on “Freak Street: Meet The Aliensons by Knife and Packer

    • That’s a blast from the past I was such a ‘fraidy cat that i was too scared to read Goosebumps when i was younger (i probably still am). My standby is The Famous Five 🙂


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