A Delightful Arrangement by Cecilia Gray

A Delightful Arrangement by Cecilia GrayBlurb

Phillip has a duty to marry Francesca. He has always protected his former neighbor and childhood companion, and now that she is of marriageable age, he will give her what she needs most – a real home where she is welcome and wanted.

Unfortunately for him….she is done with being dutiful.

After years of being an obedient daughter to a hateful father, Francesca jumps into her first Season. Francesca is ready to dance every dance, flirt with every bachelor and snatch what she wants most – a man she loves who will make her swoon.

Unfortunately for her…he now sees making her swoon as his duty, too.

And Phillip takes his duties very seriously.

My Perspective

As i mentioned in The Christmas Bake Off by Abby Clements, i am reading short stories to break up reading Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. This is book 1 of the Gentlemen Next Door series by Cecilia Gray.

It was a free eBook that i downloaded however from the beginning i was a little perturbed because in the acknowledgements it said; “Monica – thank you for the sexy bits. Seriously.” Immediately my radar went up.

I began reading and nothing was crossing my lines however even though there weren’t necessarily steamy sex scenes happening, everything felt very sexual. Anyway i know this is terrible, however i started to skim read to see if later on there was a sex scene (that sounds awful, like i’m looking for the sex scenes – which i am but it’s to avoid reading them!) and i was correct, one of the later chapters was a very steamy sex scene (basically the whole chapter and as it’s a novella, the story is only a few chapters long!). So I’m afraid that i stopped right there.

I can’t really review her novella, however i will say one thing. I felt like the whole story was revolving around sexual tension (i did properly read two chapters). It wasn’t just a book with a sex scene in it, it was a steamy book – not my cup of tea. I can handle a bit of sexiness but when it’s the essence of the book – no.

Well, i guess back to Anna Karenina 😉


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