It’s A Small World After All…

Every time someone says “It’s a small world” i think of the ride at Disneyland. My Dad took me there when i was around six/seven and i loved It’s A Small World. I made him take me on it over and over again. I’m pretty sure he was quite sick of it by the end of our trip!

Anyway yesterday at work, after i handed a customer her parcel, she opened it in front of me and i was extremely surprised to see a hard-copy of Charles Yallowitz book, Legends of Windemere! I told her i had a copy of it as an eBook and she replied that she follows his blog and was interested in his self publishing journey. I then informed her that i too followed his blog. We were speechless! Two fellow bloggers in our small, country town? And within the same network? It certainly is a small world!

Anyway you can check out her blog here; Minuscule Moments of Inspiration.

I’ll have to be careful of what i say from now on about where i live and my customers 😉


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