I Might Have Jumped The Gun…

So the other day i bought an eBook through Kobo Desktop; Mammy Walsh’s A-Z of the Walsh Family by Marian Keyes (which i will obviously review when i read it).

Before i synced my Kobo Desktop with my Kobo Touch eReader, i realised that i had the book, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, on my eReader (i had downloaded it for free). In my “Yay, free eBooks!” frenzy, i had downloaded a book that not only have i read multiple times but that i own already. So obviously i deleted it. And then i plugged in my eReader to sync.

And would you believe? This popped up:

Kobo Screen Shot

If you read my post; Kobo Touch eReader, then you will know that i wrote an extremely lengthy review on what i thought of my new eReader, and that the lengthiest part of my review was my complaint that you couldn’t have a library full of eBooks and only sync select eBooks to your eReader, you had to sync all of your eBooks from your library onto your eReader (if you read the previous post then this one will make sense).

However from the screen shot above, well, either they read my review and did something about it, or i just feel very silly right now. Granted, i did read the WHOLE Kobo Touch eReader instruction manual (which i would like to add didn’t come with my eReader – i had to find it on the Kobo website and download it). However i suppose i should have looked for the Kobo Desktop instruction manual as well and read that too. Then i would have known and i wouldn’t be in this rather embarrassing situation.

There is one thing that niggles me though, right before this happened, both Kobo Desktop and my eReader required an update, which i did. So was the above part of the update or has it been there all along? I guess I’ll never know.

And why didn’t anyone say anything to me when i wrote that post?

I’d also like to ask why including instruction manuals seems so underrated nowadays. Am i the only one who reads them?


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