Upside Down Inside Out by Monica McInerney

Upside Down Inside Out by Monica McInerneyBlurb

Ever been tempted to pretend you were someone exotic, someone adventurous … someone different?

Set in Ireland, England and Australia, this is the funny and heartwarming story of two people whose lives are about to turn upside down and inside out.

Eva is off to Australia on a break from her job in a Dublin delicatessen, hoping to forget a fizzled romance and find inspiration for a new career. Joseph is taking a holiday from his stressful London job. Each is on a search for some answers about life. Then something quite unexpected happens. They meet each other.

Upside Down Inside Out is a novel about love, adventure, honesty and discovering that the person you’ve always wanted to be might just be the person you already are.

My Perspective

This wasn’t the best book that i have ever read, but oh how i enjoyed it.

I feel like all I’ve been reading lately are books that people have lent to me. Don’t get me wrong, i have wanted to read them and i have enjoyed a lot of them but there’s nothing quite like reading a book from one of your favourite authors – and a book that you have been wanting to read for awhile.

I have two stacks of books by my bed; all the books that people have lent to me, and all the books that i have bought. After finishing Wait For The Dawn by Jess Foley a few nights ago, i was like, i need to read a book that i know i will like. And this book was it. I did feel that because of this though, i inhaled the book and didn’t enjoying it leisurely as such, which isn’t the greatest, but I’ve learnt my lesson not to leave it so long before reading a book that i really, really want to read.

The story follows Eva, a failed artist who has a break in Australia from her job in her uncle’s delicatessen because of an ended romance and some rather large questions she has to answer; and Joseph, who is a successful business man on a business trip in Australia, questioning whether he’s really living ‘The Dream’. Their paths intercept and they are swept up in an unusual, frustrating romance where the truth feels like it might break them apart.

From page one of this book, i was hooked. The story was lighthearted, romantic and yet kept me on edge. I couldn’t read it fast enough – a definite page turner. It was refreshing to not read something completely predictable (i mean, the gist of it might be but there are some books that you just know every twist and turn that’s going to happen, like every twist and turn). And Monica writes really well. It was really nice to read a book where you aren’t faulting the author on their writing skills. I might sound like i am being really bias here, however these are the reasons why she is one of my favourite authors. I knew i could rely on her for a great read. And what’s more she has her more in depth books if you want some more hardcore emotion and then she has her lighthearted books, which was just what i needed. I read this in less than a day, and it’s not like The Lord of The Rings but it wasn’t ridiculously short either (forty chapters).

There were some sexual references, however i didn’t find them too much. They got to the line and then didn’t cross it (another reason why i like Monica McInerney).

I do admit that the story was frustrating at times – at one point i exclaimed, “Just tell the truth already!” however it didn’t go past the point where you couldn’t handle it anymore. Almost, but not quite.

I would definitely recommend this book if you are looking for a funny, lighthearted romance.


3 thoughts on “Upside Down Inside Out by Monica McInerney

  1. So many books – so little time! Twelve years ago our library updated their computer system that allowed us to track the books, magazines and dvd’s we had taken out. The other day I clicked on that record and discovered I have taken out l,876 items. There were the occasional DVD’s but most were books. One might say I read a lot. I am looking forward to reading Upside Down Inside Out. Virginia


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