The Blue Zone by Andrew Gross

The Blue Zone by Andrew GrossBlurb

They were the perfect family. And he was the perfect family man. One day changed it all.

Arrested for racketeering, Ben Raab must take his family into America’s Witness Protection Program. Only his eldest daughter, Kate, stays on the outside.

But the Program’s perfect success rate is about to end. A case agent is tortured to death and Ben vanishes. The one person who might be able to find him is Kate.

Pursued by killers, forced to question everything she knows about her life, Kate is plunged into a terrifying existence for which nothing has prepared her.

Most people would call it certain death. The FBI calls it the Blue Zone.

My Perspective

This is the fourth book i chose to read from my post And Then There Were Two…

Well this book was certainly a thriller. After coming to the realisation from my last blog post, What Constitutes a Thriller? my expectations have altered slightly. This book had suspense, mystery and my heart was definitely racing throughout. James Patterson also had a quote on the front cover of this book, ‘Tense and Chilling’. I agree with the tense. Chilling? Not so much.

The story is about a family that has to go into witness protection because the father, Ben, has to testify against some dangerous criminals. He then goes missing. The eldest daughter, Kate, gets involved in finding him and soon finds herself questioning everything she has ever known. Will she find him? Will she find out the truth?

I enjoyed reading this book. It was interesting, there were twists, a complex plot and enough suspense to get the heart pumping. It was very clever, even if it was a bit predictable. However i feel that the ending didn’t do the rest of the book justice. It was like a huge buildup with a tiny ping instead of fireworks.

There is a part in the book that is a little disturbing – the FBI show Kate some pictures of a murder. I think that because you aren’t reading the murder as it’s happening but reading the FBI telling someone else about it, it is not as disturbing. If Andrew Gross had described the murder as it was happening, then maybe chilling would have been fit to describe the book – and i wouldn’t have read it. That’s where i draw the line. If you read it, i think you will understand.

If you like thrillers, then this is for you. I don’t know if i would read it again. I would recommend it though, also for people who like crime and mystery.


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