Kiss Her Goodbye by Robert Gregory Browne

Kiss Her Goodbye by Robert Gregory BrowneBlurb

ATF Agent Jack Donovan has two ambitions in life: to take down cult leader Alex Gunderson after years of violent mayhem, and to reconnect with his daughter Jessie, who has somehow managed to slip out of his life. Unfortunately for Jack, none of his experience as a stellar cop or an absent father has prepared him for the unthinkable way these two parts of his life are about to collide.

In a desperate act of revenge, Gunderson kidnaps Jessie and buries her alive. But just as Jack’s team is closing in, Gunderson is shot dead and the secret to Jessie’s location is lost with him. With only a few precious hours of oxygen to sustain her, and with not a single clue pointing in her direction, Jessie is sure to die unless Jack can somehow find her. Armed with a father’s love and a new-found understanding of the power of family, Jack would trade anything at all to save his little girl – even his own life.

My Perspective

This is the third book i chose to read from my post And Then There Were Two…

To be honest, i wouldn’t actually say that i enjoyed this book.

The story is about ATF agent, Jack Donovan, who has an obsession with catching Alex Gunderson, a big time criminal in the form of a terrorist. In an attempt to bring him down, which destroys more than what Gunderson bargained for; Jack’s daughter, Jessie, is kidnapped and buried alive. Jack discovers that he is indeed father first, agent second and does everything in his power – against the law or not – to find his daughter before it’s too late. The story is not only about a criminal to catch and a missing person to be found, but interwoven is another element: the spirit world.

I don’t have a problem with non-fantasy books having spiritual elements being involved in the story. However i found this a little bit, well, lame. It was really predictable. At first i thought this was a crime novel. I enjoy a good crime novel. Trying to figure out who the killer is etc. Sometimes i’m really on the ball, reading the clues and figuring it out. Other times i have no idea and i didn’t see it coming at all. After awhile i realised that it didn’t really have that. After i had finished the book i looked up what it was meant to be and found out it was meant to be a thriller. I was not ‘thrilled’ at all. At times i felt a bit yuck but that was because this book doesn’t exactly invoke feelings of joy and happiness. And i found it didn’t have any suspense, you knew everything already. The only question was, will the writer be traditional and everything will work out in the end? Or will evil triumph over good? That was really the only suspense. And even then it wasn’t very exciting.

It was fast paced, which kept me going but it wasn’t a ‘page-turner’.

The novel was also very crude. There was a lot of swearing and also some sexual references – not romantic ones either. I don’t have a problem with swearing however i wouldn’t recommend this book if you do.

I wouldn’t read this book again, however it’s not a terrible book so i wouldn’t say that if you decide to read it you’re wasting you’re time. In fact, i did think the twist at the end redeemed it quite a bit. If you enjoy a fast paced, action story with some spiritual elements in it, then you would probably enjoy this book.

NOTE: I feel i was quite negative in my perspective, however i just want to point out that this wasn’t a bad book. I just found it a bit lame and predictable. Not every book has to have incredible twists and turns however i think you come to expect that from a thriller.


3 thoughts on “Kiss Her Goodbye by Robert Gregory Browne

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