No Hiding Place/Company Man by Joseph Finder

No Hiding Place by Joseph FinderBlurb

Nick Conover, the son of a factory worker, is the CEO of a major corporation in a company town. Once admired and respected, presiding over massive layoffs has meant Nick is now despised and, as a single parent since the recent death of his wife, he’s struggling to protect his children from the town’s hostility

Then his family is threatened by a nameless stalker, events spin quickly out of control – and suddenly Nick is faced with a dead body and damning circumstances. With everything he spent his life working for hanging in the balance, Nick discovers that life at the top is just one small step away from a long plunge to the bottom.

My Perspective

This is the second book i chose to read from my post And Then There Were Two…

I read this book under the name ‘No Hiding Place’ however it was originally published as ‘Company Man’.

To be honest, during the first half of this book i found i didn’t connect to the story. It didn’t bother me at all if i had to put the book down. I wouldn’t say it was a chore to read but i wasn’t really enjoying it. It also went into a lot of detail – some of which i found unnecessary. There was a lot of ‘business’ talk. I understand that some of it was crucial to the story however i think it could have been cut down quite a bit. Or maybe this book was written for those who like to read about the ins and outs of a large company.

The story is about Nick, the CEO of Stratton Corporation, who is not the most popular man in town as he has had to lay half of them off. As you can imagine, there are repercussions.

I really liked Nick’s character. I think that is what kept me reading. When i had got half way through the book, things became more interesting and it became a ‘page-turner’. What i found interesting is that i started rooting for a character who had done the wrong thing, which confused me because it made the ending hard to predict. How could it be a happy ending? I think it was very clever writing. The plot twists were also very good.

I wouldn’t say there was any ‘sex’ so to speak but there was some sexual references. Not very much at all, but it was there.

I would definitely recommend this book, however i probably wouldn’t read it again. I enjoyed it however it had a depressing undertone that i found hard to shrug off after I’d finished reading. It could have been due to the references to mental illness in the book. It’s not something uplifting.


2 thoughts on “No Hiding Place/Company Man by Joseph Finder

  1. This is a very well balanced review. I love it when I can read someone’s thoughts on a novel and pretty much sum up whether or not I would like to read the book. Do you ever find that your opinion waffles throughout the course of reading? Sometimes I start out a book thinking, “well this one is going to get a good review,” but by half way through I’m thinking, “or not.” Other times I don’t like the book much but by the end that opinion has completely changed.


    • Thank you 🙂 And yes, i do find that my opinion changes as i read. Like with this book, i was not really enjoying it at all but then half way through it really made me sit up and pay attention. I think it’s worse when it’s the other way around though. At least with a book that improves half way through, you feel like it was worth it. Whether a book that has a good beginning and just goes downhill from there is a real letdown!


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