Blood Line by Lynda La Plante

Blood Line by Lynda La PlanteBlurb

Under the watchful eye of DCS James Langton, DCI Anna Travis takes charge of an investigation for the first time. But is it purely a missing persons case – or a full blown murder enquiry?

Alan Rawlins, devoted son and loving boyfriend, has been reported missing. When Anna begins to investigate, she discovers an intricate web of lies and secrets surrounding the life of this seemingly quiet and studious young man. Inside the flat he shared with his girlfriend, on carpet hidden in their bedroom, is an ominous pool of blood but no body, no overt trace of a struggle, no clues as to his whereabouts.

Could Rawlins have been the victim or, indeed, the killer? Admissible evidence is thin and yet, the more truths Anna discovers, the more complex the case becomes. Langton fears that she is losing control of the investigation; she appears obsessed with irrelevant details as the pressure mounts on her to make an arrest.

With the tension between them rising, Langton is forced to intervene. Only to discover that, in the wake of a devastating tragedy in her own life, Anna’s determination to break open this case knows no bounds . . .

My Perspective

This is the fifth and last (for now) of the books i have read that sweet old man has lent to me.

I must admit that i left this one to last because of a comment my mother-in-law made to me. That Lynda La Plante liked to drag on (or something to that extent). I wondered why her books seem to be so successful if this was, in fact the case.

However I can tell you that this book was not a drag! I read it in two days, comfortably. No staying up until 3AM (although it was tempting as i had the next day off) but nevertheless in two days because it had me hooked. Granted, it was quite detailed, however i don’t think it was too much.

The story follows DCI Anna Travis who is given a missing persons case (of which department she is not a part of) and in her inquiries discovers that it is actually a murder case. However one that is not clear cut as there is no body and no evidence of who the actual victim was. Throughout you are taken on twists and turns, liking and disliking characters and wanting to get to the bottom of it.

I really enjoyed the book however i think the ending was wrapped up too quickly. It wasn’t how the story ended, it was more that the book was quite detailed yet the ending was very quick – almost a summary.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a good murder mystery. Obviously there was a little bit of blood etc. in it because it involves a murder however i didn’t find it too much to handle.


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