Very Inspiring Blog Award

I was incredibly honoured (and extremely surprised!) to be nominated for the Very Inspiring Blog Award by Thank you so much, it means a lot.

To be eligible for this award, i must state seven different things about myself and then nominate some more bloggers for the award.


Seven things…

1. I am a Christian, which i believe is about a relationship with God – not a set of rules to follow so you can go to Heaven

2. I have an extreme fear of weevils and maggots – give me a huge, hairy spider any day

3. The thought of all the different meals i’m going to eat that day is what gets me up for work in the morning

4. I love 1950’s clothing and the style suits my body so well compared to the fashion today

5. I’d love to either live in an awesome tree house or an underground Hobbit hole – or both

6. I am part Czechoslovakian

7. I catch myself laughing like “The Nanny” sometimes


The people i would like to nominate for the Very Inspiring Blog Award are:

~ Cely from Running off the Reese’s

~ Lindsey from Happy or Hungry

Both these women inspire me, make my laugh and feel like i just may be normal 🙂 Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blog Award

  1. Aww, thanks for the nomination. You are normal!!!!!
    I actually did this award before, but I changed it up and wrote stories instead of just facts, so perhaps I will give it another shot.

    I am terrified of spiders. Give me weevils and maggots any day! Though I am not sure exactly what a weevil is…


  2. Haha. Thanks. I just relate so much to being Happy or Hungry. I get ‘hangry’ (hungry angry) if i don’t eat regularly. I love that there are other people out there like me! I don’t feel such a fatty being so food obsessed.
    That is so awesome telling stories instead of just facts – if you decided to do it then i look forward to reading them 🙂 Your stories are great – i love your cartoons.
    I’m not fond of spiders but i can cope with them. I live in the country (not the outback though) in Australia and we have spiders everywhere. The other day i was watching a movie with my husband and at the end of the movie i looked up and there was the biggest, fattest, hairiest spider i’d ever seen just sitting on the wall above my head. It was so big i could look into all of it’s eyes. That was a bit freaky knowing it was watching the movie with us…


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