Fashionably Late by Olivia Goldsmith


Wherever she goes, forty-year-old Karen Kahn is fashionably late. She can afford to be: the star of the New York fashion scene, with her own company, a handsome husband and a deal that could make her millions, she is the apple – and the envy – of everyone’s eye.

But she is too late for the ultimate in creation: a baby. Motherhood is proving to be elusive – as elusive as her own percentage, and as difficult as the cut-throat business of couture. Yet Karen is not one to take no for an answer, and late is better than never…

My Perspective

This is the second book by Olivia Goldsmith that i have read that i received from my husband for my birthday (see My Favourite Movie).

I enjoyed this book but probably not as much as The First Wives Club. I think having a few main characters in a book really brings another element to the story. Also i think it can be a harder challenge for the author to write a book with only one main character. If you don’t really like them or you cannot relate to them then there isn’t really anyone else to root for and you may not be interested in continuing the book. I didn’t not like the main character but i didn’t love her either. I suppose I found that I couldn’t really relate to her in any way.

Also to be honest it was actually quite a sad book. Not so much in the sense of something like a book set in the war but the underlying tone of the story was quite depressing. I did find the same with The First Wives Club, just not as much. I’m not sure if its the author’s style or just these two books.

The story is of a woman who seems to have it all; she’s rich, at the top of her game and her husband is wonderful, but the one thing she wants is a baby. And it may be too late for her to conceive.

Funnily enough even though the blurb says that’s what it’s about, the book seems like it isn’t just about her trying to conceive or adopt a baby, that it’s just an aspect of her story. They’ve been very clever about it because it actually is the underlying plot in the whole story. All of her actions are based on that one thing even if it isn’t obvious to the reader.

The book was an interesting read, I’m not sure I would read it again. I would probably recommend this book to mature age women as they may be able to relate to the main character better than I was able to. Overall not a bad book, I think just a bit limited to its audience.


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