I Am Not Afraid To Admit

After my experience with the first book i decided to read from my post And Then There Were Two…, The Ways Of Women by Elaine Crowley, i decided that i should probably do a little research on the other books lent to me.

I read many reviews on Amazon of each book and i am sorry to say that two didn’t make the cut. However not due to sex.

I haven’t mentioned this before, however i have a bit of a vivid imagination (in other words an EXTREME imagination, i can easily give myself nightmares) so i try and avoid extreme gore, horror, supernatural themes and general scariness in both books and movies. I am also a visual person in learning and processing, which doesn’t help either.

After reading the reviews for the following books, i came to the conclusion that i would not risk my mental well-being for the sake of these two books:

~ Heartsick by Chelsea Cain
~ The Ruins by Scott Smith

You may think i’m a wimp, or you may have read either or both the books and thought they were tame, however i know myself and i know it’s not worth risking it when they are so many other books out there in the world to read, conquer and enjoy.

Here’s hoping that the other four books that did make the cut aren’t too much for me!


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