And Then There Were Two…

I don’t know whether i wear a sign that says “Lend me books!” or if people just catch me reading all the time (most likely the latter!), however the other day while i was working, a local lady came in and she asked me if i would like to borrow some of her books. She told me that she is forever buying the $5 or 3 for $10 books that they sell at newsagents (she’s the first person i’ve ever heard of who’s bought one of those books – i for one always wonder why they are so cheap. Is it because they are terrible?) so she has an abundance to lend. Not one to turn down a personal lending library, i said i would love to borrow as many as she would like to lend.

So now i have this stack of books to read. When i’m done, there’s many more.

Between her and that sweet old man, i think i’ll be quite right for new books to read for quite awhile. However knowing me, and the stack of my own books that are beside my bed waiting to be read, i know that this won’t in fact stop me from buying or borrowing more.

What’s a life without books?


8 thoughts on “And Then There Were Two…

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