Beauty Sleep by Cameron Dokey



With these seemingly innocent words, the fate of a newborn princess is sealed. For years the king and queen despaired of ever having a child. When Aurore arrives, though the entire kingdom celebrates, not all are overjoyed. They use her christening as an occasion for revenge, and her young life is overshadowed by a curse of death almost as soon as it has begun. Those who can, intervene, but evil has a way of holding fast. A sleep of a hundred years following the pricking of a finger is the best that can be done.

And so Aurore grows up. Forbidden princesslike tasks of embroidery and sewing, she explores the great outdoors, reveling in the flora and fauna that surround her castle home. Then one day she meets a handsome stranger in an enchanted wood and begins an adventure the likes of which she never dreamed of.

This is the story of the Sleeping Beauty, here quite awake and given new voice. Taunted by fate, Aurore soon learns that although she cannot sidestep her own destiny, love itself is actually the most powerful magic of all.

My Perspective

My best friend lent me this book and another in the Once Upon A Time series, Midnight Pearls by Debbie Viguie. I had forgotten i had already read them when she lent them to me, however even as i started reading them, remembering each twist and turn of the plot, i still enjoyed them. You know you like a book when knowing what happens, you still find it enjoyable!

The series consists of nineteen fairytales, this one being based on ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Each book is a twist on the traditional story, giving it a fresh perspective on what actually happened. They are written for young adults, however i think they would be enjoyed at any age.

Beauty Sleep is an easy read, lighthearted and full of mystery. I think i read the book in around an hour or two and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes anything fantasy or fairytale. And i know i’m going to read it again, in fact, i will most likely buy it!


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