Stars Over Shiralee by Sheryl McCorry


As the first woman in the Kimberley to run two million-acre cattle stations, Sheryl McCorry had proved to herself that she was a woman capable of handling anything life threw her way. Or so she thought…

It’s 1998 and Sheryl has moved from the Kimberley to a property called the ‘Shiralee’ in the south-west of Western Australia. Rocked by the death of the love of her life, Bob McCorry, Sheryl perseveres and makes a new life breeding cattle. Soon, she meets a man from Broome – one who pursues her with ardour and is seemingly a wonderful match for her. Sheryl agrees to marry him but on the eve of her wedding, receives some terrible news.

Stars Over Shiralee is the story of how a woman having conquered life on her own terms can succumb to circumstances that threaten to undermine all of her achievements. What will it take for Sheryl to find the strength within?

In turn a love letter to the outback that shaped her, and a deeply personal journey back to triumph, Stars Over Shiralee is the compelling follow up to the runaway bestseller, Diamonds and Dust.

My Perspective

This is the third of the books i have read that sweet old man has lent to me.

Stars Over Shiralee is the sequel to Diamonds and Dust, and to be honest, i read it with some expectations of what it would be like. They were all blown out of the water of course, because with real life you cannot predict what is going to happen. I’m not so much talking about the events of the book, more the choices that Sheryl made.

The book follows her life from where it left off in the previous book, around 1998 when she was 49. Her life takes a different turn, no longer focused so much on cattle, which to me was what i think lead her down the road she went.

I think i admire Sheryl more after reading her whole story, rather than just the first half. She is such a strong woman, however the second half of her story really shows that she is still human. She went through a lot of heartache and pain and i really admire her for (eventually) standing up for herself.

If you read Diamonds and Dust, then Stars Over Shiralee is a must. You can’t read the first book and not the second, otherwise you only know half the story.


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