Diamonds and Dust by Sheryl McCorry


Sheryl McCorry grew up in Arnhem Land carrying crocodiles to school for show and tell. When she was 18, Broome beckoned, and it was there that – only hours after being railroaded into marriage by a fast-talking Yank – she locked eyes with Bob McCorry, a drover and buffalo shooter. When her marriage ended after only a few months, they began a romance that would last a lifetime and take them to the Kimberley’s harshest frontiers.

As the only woman in a team of stockmen, Sheryl soon learned how to run rogue bulls and to outsmart the neighbours in the toughest game of all – mustering cattle. The playing field was a million acres of unfenced, unmarked boundaries. But Sheryl soon saw that to survive in the outback a woman needed goals. Hers was to become the first woman in the Kimberley to run two million-acre cattle stations. But it was to come at an unimaginable cost.

Inspiring and unforgettable, ‘Diamonds and Dust’ is a classic story of a woman finding her destiny in the furthest reaches of the outback.

My Perspective

This is the second of the books i have read that sweet old man has lent to me.

Sheryl McCorry is a fairly amazing woman. I haven’t read many autobiographies so i guess i am not used to reading about how interesting a real person can be (haha).

The book follows her life from a small child up until around 1998 when she was 49. Her writing style is easy and laid back. With many stories to tell, it is an interesting and inspiring book on living in the Australian outback, especially as a woman. And she is one tough woman.

Unlike a work of fiction, you can’t really judge the plot or storyline of an autobiography. However the characters, even though real, you can still love or hate. I truly admire Sheryl however there were instances throughout the book where i was frustrated or disappointed with either the choices she made or the way she reacted/handled a situation. This is generally to be expected as no one is perfect nor not everyone shares your values and expectations.

The book has a sequel to it – Stars Over Shiralee, which i will be reading and reviewing next.

This is a great autobiography and i would highly recommend it.


2 thoughts on “Diamonds and Dust by Sheryl McCorry

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