That Sweet Old Man…

I work at the post office and general store in the small country town that i live in. There are many characters who live in the town and around the area (i was thinking about writing a blog on living in a small country town and how it is EXACTLY like the movies and television shows – everyone knows everything about you and you have NO IDEA how they found out. I decided not to though because they are real people and i don’t like to gossip). There is this one old man who comes in every day to buy his newspaper. He is as deaf as a doorpost so you have to shout at him if you want to say anything.

One day when he came in he had to pay some bills at the post office. He told me that he knows you can pay bills on the computer now but he doesn’t know how to. He told me how his wife used to do all that, and how she was very good on the computer and understood what she was doing. He was very proud of her. Then he started tearing up and became silent. I didn’t know what to do. I almost burst into tears for this old man’s broken heart. Here he was, obviously still so proud and so full of love for his wife, and almost breaking down at the post office of all places, because of how much he missed her. That’s true love.

The other day while i was reading Those Faraday Girls by Monica McInerney in the shop, he came in (that’s right, i was even reading the book between customers because i couldn’t put it down!). He saw me reading and asked if i read much (what a question to ask me). He asked what i liked to read. Anything. Then he wondered if i’d like to borrow some of his books. Of course!

On Friday when he came in he had a stack of books with him. There’s plenty more where they came from he informed me.

So those are the books that i will be reading for the next little while. I will be sure to review each one 🙂

Such a sweet old man.


6 thoughts on “That Sweet Old Man…

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