Dame Wash-A-Lot

I was folding the washing when i couldn’t stand it any longer. My fingers were itching to write another blog.

For as long as i can remember my Mum has nicknamed me “Dame Wash-A-Lot” (from The Magic Faraway Tree) because i love to wash clothes. In fact, i have always enjoyed “keeping house”. And before i get any hate mail, it doesn’t mean that’s all i want to do for the rest of my life, or that I’m not grateful for the rights that have been achieved for women, i just enjoy the best of both worlds. Anyway, when i got married i was so excited because i could finally keep house FOR REAL (I’d never lived out of home when i got married).

When i say keep house, obviously my husband and i are a modern day couple sharing the household duties – i do the dishes and washing (of course!) and he does the general cleaning of the house e.g. bathrooms, vacuuming etc. We share the meal preparing because we are both obsessed with food and want to out do each others cooking. Not really, but we do tend to eat better at home than a lot of restaurants out there.

Anyway, i was so excited to be a pretty little housewife, only working part time that i forgot to nurture one of the things i love most – organising. Don’t get me wrong, i still organised (all the grocery shelves at work, our accounts etc.) just not as much as i needed to. So having been married for around eight months now and while still enjoying being a housewife and having a nice, relaxing part time job, my brain had started refusing to enjoy mundane tasks like it used to. I needed an organisation fix. Badly.

So this is what i did.

I organised all of our books into fiction/non-fiction, and from there into alphabetical order (I know our collection is small – it’s a work in progress). I had been meaning to do it since we got married but i hadn’t gotten around to it (too busy washing). One day i was trying to find a book and i became so frustrated with the books being all over the place that i did it. It didn’t take me that long either. And when i was done! Oh, the magnificence! I’ve just been going in there, gazing at the books because it makes me so happy. Now when i want a book it’s so easy! So organised!

In fact, it made me do this.

Yes, i arranged all of our movies into alphabetical order. Next up…all of our DVDs in CD wallets. How i love to organise!

Oh happy heart.


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